Army: Spirits of Earth

Location: North America, USA, New York City

Commander: Shade

day 0


60 Denari

400 Titanium


Light soldiers

500 Ghost soldiers(soldiers that are ghosts and can shoot small burst's of energy)

Heavy soldiers

50 Wave ghost soldiers(Ghost soldiers that can shoot waves of energy)

Elite soldiers


Ultimate soldiers


war machines







wall(A wall that surrounds the base) (10 days) (titanium)


Ammo storage(stores ammo) (titanium)

barracks(troops sleep and train here) (titanium)

storage(stores everything but ammo) (titanium)


1.Biuld a command central [30/30 days] -80 denari -200 titanium

2.Biuld a command central [30/30 days] -80 denari -200 titanium

3.Biuld a command central [30/30 days] -80 denari -200 titanium

4.mine 100 Titanium [20/20 days]

Log: Today we will stop all wars and destroy all who get in our way

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